The Blood of Loki [Loki]
At Least I Am a Cute [Moa]
Mori Turi [MT]
Formation Wolke [ZerG]
Suicide Dive [Dive]
Vae Victis [VV]
Kentucky Fried Dolyak [KFD]
Inferiæ [IF]
Guards of Phoenix [GoP]
Virtual Masters [VM]
Zergs Rebellion [Zerg]
Wipe and Strike [WaS]
Systematic Havoc [sH]
The Vision X [VIS]
Requiem of Execution [RoE]
Zum Henker [ZH]
Psychos [PsY]
Rising Claymore [RC]
Dam Di Damm [sInG]
Glitzerponys [GP]